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Monday 2 January 2017

A Letter To Future Self

First of all.
A very Happy new year to you , my dear reader!
May you achieve all that you deserve and have striven for .

So, I believe I have played my part of customs.Yeah. I did.
Now, the truth.

Personally, I don't have high thoughts about new year. After all, it's nothing but a reminder by ever powerful force : TIME. It reminds us of what we are and who we always will be, i.e. mortal beings and that our time is soon gonna be up.

Okay, sorry for such paranoia but blame 2016 for it xD

But dude. Seriously?
You are celebrating for being closer in terms of looks like your grandpa?
Cool! Have it your way then :P
I celebrated new year. True enough. But i celebrated 'coz m getting closer to the end of academic session and I swear! this is the happiest moment of a 12thie (Okay, maybe not the happiest, but it still counts)
Well, I had a pizza party and my tummy's happy. Chapter close :P

So, on 1st January; the day gym is the cool spot and KFC loses its customers; Times of India gave something worth reading ( apart from premier league drama and the damn politics section)
In Times Life, they laid out 17 resolutions one can easily follow. Okay, many were easy. I agree.
But dude! one simply doesn't give up binge eating or take up the divine notion of yoga after a hangover :P


Anyway, I like one thing from it:


So, here's my attempt on it.

My current address
(ain't gonna reveal :P)


My next address
{Enter, address to a sexy, modern and fuckin' jaw dropping building which happens to be my home in future}

Dear Physically fit and rich Uddeshya,

First of all, before anything else, please tell me that you are done with studies, and no . I WON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

Okay, sorry :p

I know that you must be busy coding/in some official work/cooking with your wife/ playing with your kids, i just want you to read this advises from a 10 year old younger you.

I believe down the years, you didn't abandon the path of humbleness or sensibility in-spite being this much successful in your life! I hope you still have those flirting skills of yours..and i certainly believe that your grammar is far much better than me .

I hope you still have not lost those important friends. Yeah those ones, the list I made when i was 17 . DO NOT LOSE THEM. K?

I wan you to be happy and do what you wanna do. Please consider the advises mom and dad give to you because they believe in your welfare , even though they are a bit grumpy in their 60s xD. Afterall, they let you chose your dream girl, didn't they? (Tell me they did :P)
I believe they won't ever deny your happiness ;)

and always remember. In case you forgot.

You are not the prisoner of your past, but architect of your future ;)

Hope you will remember it :)
Yours lovingly,

Dude, that felt good.
give it a try yaar!!

until next time.
Signing off..



Monday 19 December 2016

The ordeals of a science student.

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted something. (Credits to the final year of our school)

Let's start a random talk.
A talk that revolves around the renowned struggle of A student.

Yeah, I think you understand where m taking it.

So, allow me take you to a tour. We will call this :

A Shade under book

Before I start with the anything, lemme make it clear. There are two types of students.

The one belonging to early birds clan is usually the one who believes that studies are best left for the mornings, while his counterpart is the one who keeps his faith in the deep silence of the night.

I belong to both and neither. Depending on the amount of coffee powder left  and if it’s Manchester united playing that night, the nit doesn’t really matters anymore . ‘coz book open or book close, mobile will be switched on forever. :P


SO.. i open my eyes at like 7 every day except when it’s school.( As if  it’s my choice K) and actually wake up around 8.

Now, many philosophical gurus say that when u r waking up, you should thank god and all . Trust me, my train of thought is usually like : Same monotonous day AGAIN :/ ? Well, we can't really do anything about i. Can we?
So..yea, leave the bed at 8, read newspaper and stuff and start your studies effectively at 9. Usually, you are not allowed to leave your study table once you are on it for like 3 hours.

(Trust me, my mom makes sure of that) but in case you actually get out of that gas chamber before that, make sure you have a pretty believable excuse because THIS IS NOT A DRILL.
As for me, I get up not before 4 hours.

Okay, everyone out there cursing me, please note it that out of these 240 minutes, the studies only lasts for 200 of em. The rest are usually clouded by man united, Python or bae <3.
Then, after the 4 hor ordeal, I usually start playing FIFA .

Uddeshya Singh is a 4.5 star player in FIFA , capable of destroying World Class opponents.
But still, he usually restricts himself to Professionals :p

I usually retire from my gaming session after 9-10 matches which usually end up looking like 5-0 or 4-1 types (winner is me. Duh :p)
Anyways, we spin the study wheel again from 3 to 7. Now, this afternoons are pretty drowsy :3

I barely manage to keep my eyes open till 5.. but kya karein, time waits for none and syllabus is like a very ugly nun ( sorry for the incomplete pun :P)

Then , I finally get up. Famished, Hopeless, faithless, depleted of reasons to live.
*It's okay commerce guys, you won't get it :( *
This is still one of the normal days at the office. Now the VMC days?

Just set a picture in your mind of a guy, just back from work, head crammed by conflicts with boss, a wife who refuse to let him touch her xD and a fridge which has run out of beer.
Got the picture? now just multiply it 10 times and then you are at the level to understand an average VMC student's fate xD.

Only good thing that happened in the whole episode?. Music. My constant companion.

Then comes the best time of the dat. 9:30-10:00. "THE SOCIAL MEDIA" time.
*The Bae Time ;)*
It's like an aged wine for my thirsty soul, like a faint glimmer of lighthouse for a captain, tangled in the vast sea of desperation.
Idk how she does that but she lifts my mood. I call her my cheerleader xD (Thanks Omi, for the inspiration xD)

Once rejuvenated. I grab a cup of coffee and back to work till 1in night.
Then it's kindle time !
*Currently reading GOT2: Clash of Kings*
And then, end of a normal day.

Analysts may have already counted like 10 hours studies in my schedule. But trust me lads. majority of time it's college, career, future with bae and other shit which clouds my mind.
If my brain isn't satisfied by this? It just starts some random coding, some random praises for George Martin, or goes at overthinking mode and shows scenarios which have 99% chances of never happening xD .

Now you might be thinking y I really wrote all this? I did so 'coz we science students also happen to be normal human beings with LIFE . It's not just studies always.

SO my fellow commerce and humanities people, cut us some slack, we are way cooler than you ever will be :P

so... Goodnight Folks!

Signing off...


PS: MANCHESTER UNITED.. Unbeaten for 10 games <3

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Love Jihad

Hello Readers!
It's been a while since i last wrote something. As far as I remember, it was for TOI's writing competition.
Topic: Love Jihad.

Hope you guys like it. Read Along
(My day was same boring shit, study;ear;chat. repeat.)


It’s late in the night, maybe approaching the threshold of dawn. With his mournful eyes, he’s still trying to grasp the situation. “He Allah! Why?” The deserted road was filled with his howls .As nightlife muted out, all what was left a limp, lifeless body”
Just a few moments ago, he was an ordinary well civilized citizen of his nation with a steady job and a rocky yet happening relationship. But now he is a man who is clearly eligible for being roped in under the charges of ... Murder?

Syed Khan, a man in his late 20s with a well built athletic body, was a renowned lawyer with a lot of dreams yet to be achieved.
His to do list consisted of bringing justice to those who deserve, to never unfollow his principals of Equality, to never give in to the evils of corruption, to never give up the battle against the forbidden temptations.

But these lists are just a constitution which are meant to be followed but are they always followed? Can’t the constitution be ever amended?
 “I am guilty of this ma’am; that is the reason why I’m here” I said after a brief pause, “Please help me out of this, I never wanted to be a victim of my anger and desperation...Please”.
That’s when Vrindha placed her hand on my shoulders and said boldly “Dude, I will help you but you better stop calling me ma’am, I’m your friend and it’s not your judgement day.  Got it?” and passed me a glass of water.
Vrindha, a 27 year old Amazon with a discerning view to life, was Syed’s fellow LLB graduate and they worked in the same court. She could’ve graduated being Syed’s feminine counterpart, only if she was as serious about life as him.
Finally I regained my composure and managed an “hmm...” out of these busted pair of lungs.
“So, now tell me Mr. Khan...” she said in an assuring tone, maybe just to get me on a lighter vein, “who all were there? I mean were you alone when you did that?”
I just stared through here, thinking of what to reply. What a coward I was. But sensing my state she offered, “Whenever you like” and started reached for her brew.
“No, I was alone the moment.”
Smirking she concluded “so you are not guilty, Tada!” she continued after watching my confused reaction, “Idiot, if no one saw you that day, how have you actually murdered her? No one saw you...right?”
“So this is how you define justice? Miss, I’m guilty of what I did”
“But no one saw you”
“THAT DOESN’T MEAN I AIN’T A MURDERER”, I roared as I lost my cool there
“Okay, then tell me; did you loved her?”
“More than myself”, which was unfortunately true.
“Then listen here Syed, Murder exactly isn’t a deliberate task for you. You were under the spell of desperation and anger. You just couldn’t turn down your dark side and that’s it. One just doesn’t kill their loved ones out of nothing. It’s not your fault Syed... blame it on thy dogmatic religious society who pushed you into this”
Maybe she was right, I thought as I sat down, sinking my head in my knees. I just wanted to be lost, to be forgotten in the sands of time.
He remembered his first meet with her in ACBistro, their common coffee spot.
She was sitting there, Light and lithe as a fawn, adorning her blue salwar with a matching bindi. Gosh! She looked like an incarnation of Aphrodite.
 “Miss could you please vacate this seat as it’s my spot and you know... I’m a regular here.” The idiot me pleaded.
“You can have other spots mister, they are vacated too!” She replied
“Mm... I thought I said I’m a regular.”
“You know...I just figured out that I can’t see a board that says regulars or oldies are the kings”
“Fine” I muttered as I pulled a chair and sat facing her, which surprisingly, she didn’t object.
After a few pleasantries and introductions I made a new friend Gayatri Ramaswami, in her late twenties,26 maybe, she was a senior software developer at PythonInc. Beautiful and elegant by her looks, intelligent by her words and Hindu by nature, Born in Kerala (an intriguing fact to me which clearly didn’t justified her looks) she was raised in a Brahmin family.
He reached for the door as he heard snores. Vrindha had already retired to bed... Gosh!! Spine chilling wind and a 20 minutes ride back to his place, he already started missing Vrindha’s cozy apartment but decided to leave.
“Burrr....” Syed shivered as he stormed in the room quickly closing the door behind him.
“Damn that was some ride” Syed murmured as he threw his coat on the sofa and headed towards his winter’s besti, His small Bajaj electrical heater, a cup of hot cappuccino and a comfy chair to sink in. But something wasn’t settling to him, his loss of guilt which maybe Vrindha talked out of him.
“I better get something interesting here or else I’m seriously gonna burst” Syed said to himself
Looking for a book to devour he laid his hands on what he thought was a biography of a leader, instead he got an autobiography of her loved one.
          “If you value your sanity, don’t dare to open it”, by Gayatri
Realising what he was holding on to, he almost threw it away. Almost handed over his last link to his better side to trash, but his conscience insisted on opening it, facing the truth and learn to live with the loss.

Gayatri was a disciplined diary writer since she was in high school. To her, it was her best friend, a friend which proved to be a good listener of every tale she had to tell, every laments she wanted to release, every joy she wanted to share, it was all in there. She gifted it to Syed on his recent birthday which easily managed to outrank several other regal gifts with ease.

First few pages were all about her childhood fantasies, her transition from a daddy’s little girl to a sincere and mature lady. She was raised in a lower sect of middle class families despite being Brahmans. She completed her high school in a government school and cracked JEE in her first attempt and chose IIT Delhi to follow her computer passion.
Syed smiled idiotically to himself as he passed through her memory lane and halted at
12 January’ 14
Guess what sis! I finally did it! I achieved my dream!
Okay, lemme give you a hint, It’s my dream company, my dream job <3!
Yeah baby! I landed one at PythonInc! Your sis a junior developer at PythonInc!
But you know what, one thing is a bit tweaky in it, it’s in Delhi.
Yeah, yeah I know what you must be thinking. North India is holistic to Hindus. Maa and Abba are already worried. But c’mon man! Muslim vs. Hindu, in this era? No I don’t think so, after all its 21st century we are living in...No?
Relax sis, I’ll be fine.
Till then goodnight, sweet dreams, muah :*

Yours ever

This made Syed remember his first case which he undertook after years of toiling and hard work. The land distribution case, yeah, he remembered it as it was a matter of a few moments ago. He couldn’t forget the strange nervousness, the macabre of the court room and the hawk eyes of that veteran judge. Neither could he erase the moment he relished his victory after which there was no looking back.
Dragging himself back to the reality, he continued to be unremarkably impressed as he witnessed her path to the success ladder in her career as he sailed through the rough pages of the diary when something caught his eye.
27 May’ 14
Hi sis!
Don’t ask about my day full of stress, deadlines, squashed up stress balls, angry boss .Sounds like another day’s good work...No?
NO, to add salt to this wound, I met an irritating guy. Okay, he was cute, so what? His name is Syed.
Don’t get started on “he-is-a-Muslim” thing!
He is a straight guy, and a human with the guts to speak up to me, I think he qualifies as a friend, doesn’t he?
When a guy could fight with a tomboy like me over ‘A simple chair’, I think it’s a point to ponder on who’s gonna take it to the next step!
Gotta go now,
Bye love you ;)
Yours ever
P.S: It hope it’s him who takes it to the next level ;)
Syed couldn’t help blushing as he continued reading about how handsome he looks ,what a mature person he his, and on and on... Then as he treaded along in the dreamland, their came the confession,

19 August’ 14
Hi sis!
Okay... before you say you don’t wanna hear the whole “Syed is awesome” thing, I had a confession. I love him.
It’s almost 4 months now, we’ve been dating and I can, with no regrets, conclude that these were the best 4 months of my life. Be it the movie theatre screening some old drama or a casual dinner/coffee date, everything is fun with him. The way his hands send electricity right to my spine, the way he wins me over whenever I’m mad at him, the way he treats me like a proper lady, who could not fall for that sweet sexy gentleman?
But he says we could never make it together...
He says Hindu and Muslim, in a relationship? These two phrases no longer make sense to a sane society fellow. He fears that we may fall under the crosshairs of this communal cold war.
Is it that bad to express love while being fastened by these ropes of infringement?
I mean, just look at Maa and abbu. Maa is a Christian, abbu is Hindu. They are living a happy life without giving a damn about society. Why can’t we. WHY??
 I better get going now, might be boring you.
Yours ever

Syed stared through the coarse pages as he recalled what the whole issue was. Obviously, it’s THE society and its mentality, he thought first.
But was it him?
His friends, his relatives, his parents or anyone who happened to cross paths with him happened to bless him with a stunning; as in beauty, sansakari; as in values, spiritual; as in faith and a stark follower of their Allah.
Blame it on the destiny or blame it on the luck, Gayatri was up to the mark for all the S’s but the most important one. She was a Hindu.
Syed and Gayatri didn't mean to fall in love. But love happens when you least expect it. It creeps up suddenly. When someone needs attention, care, conversation, laughter and maybe even intimacy. Love doesn't look at logic, or at backgrounds and least of all, religion.

Gayatri was from a very conservative South Indian family that went to a temple every Saturday. Syed bought goats for his family every Eid. That said it all. Their paths would never have crossed if it hadn't been for that fateful day. That day when he walked into the coffee shop. Gayatri wondered if destiny chose our loved ones for us. Did we have any role to play at all?

She looked at her watch. Their conversation lasted for hours. Sometimes at the cafe, sometimes in his car, sometimes in places that she could never tell her friends about. They would never understand. And yet Syed made her happy.

Suddenly her phone beeped. He had sent a message. "On my way. Have something important to tell you."

Gayatri stared at it and realised she had knots in her stomach. Thoughts flooded her mind. What did he want to tell her? And At this time?
She thought as she glared at the clock striking 11:30 of a not-so-tranquil Delhi night.

15 minutes on, blazing horns could be heard from her Veranda in her modest yet spacious flat in Azadpur,
“The cheaper, the better”
She was wearing a blue dress with matching heels, Syed’s favourite.
“Hop in, let’s go to our spot. Gotta have a word with you in private” hurried Syed.
Rather startled by his commanding demeanour, she rode the shotgun after placing a quick peck on Syed’s lips.
As they reached their secluded spot, the construction site, which was abandoned a long time ago due to property, disputes.
Gayatri was suffering with a 50:50 dilemma, of ‘He loves me’, ’He loves me not’; probably the next most mindboggling mental dispute for a girl after her wardrobe collections. She waited for a hint.
“ I wanted to say that...”, started Syed only to stop a gazillions times.
“You know...”
“Yeah I know...” prompted Gayatri. C’mon dude just say it!! She mentally pleaded.
With Syed faltering more than India’s erratic rural power supply, she lost her patience,
“If you are gonna propose me, just kneel first. I need time to look surprised.” Gayatri concluded with a smile.
“I want to you to abandon your religion, follow Islam. I promise you Gayatri, I will treat you like my queen. Your words will be order to me. Just please, please do this for me and I promise you will be the happiest woman alive.”
Realising that her latter 50 was the matter, she calmly replied, “No, it ain’t gonna happen.
“You know Mr. Khan. I never expected you to speak this bullshit, but thanks for showing your real side and throwing your mask you conversion freak!” screamed Gayatri.
“But please...”
It was too late, she took her bold composure and before walking away she uttered the last phrase of her life “A happy woman is a myth. A reality far from reach for people like you Mr. Khan.”
That’s when Syed gave up the war against his anger, comprising maturity and let the rage take over. He picked up a nearby brick and hurled it towards her, which unfortunately connected.
Tears rolled down his cheeks as he passed through the blank, incomplete pages of her diary which could have been filled with her memories only if he hadn’t snatched her opportunity and made her another martyr to Love Jihad.
But sitting there and lamenting over the loss, it wasn’t the way Syed designed by the almighty. He thought about his redemption as he stared into the horizon, the first ray of a promising sunlight touched him, motivating him to take his stand and adopt the worthy quotes.
You can’t blame the fates for your circumstances but you can learn from    your circumstances, after all mistakes are meant to be learnt from .
                                           3 Year later
BREAKING NEWS: “Glory for Syed Khan as he completes his 25th successful defence for a potential victim of prevalent Love jihad.”

--------------------------Turn to page 4 for full interview-------------------------

(PS: It didn't reach the top 10.. still, i'm kinda proud of this piece xD)
Signing off..

Sunday 11 September 2016

The Fault In Our Timings

Aloha readers.
Just up from my nap *a brief yawn*
And typing this under a constant presence of a small pest , I call him my bro xD

Anyways, I've written enough stuff which singles can relate to. Right?
Now this one for all the Valentine couples out there! (Even applicable for those who have the audacity to make a bond out of nothing with their crushes xD. Thus, I think I have covered 90% of the earth now :P)

So.. I have recently shifted to an all study and only 1 hour smartphone checking schedule. In class 12th, It helps. seriously..If u r a science student, then it's a boon for ya !
But now here's the deal.
You are a science student + U have an unhealthy obsession of texting + U have a girlfriend.

Scene changes xD
Congratulations. You just made Anxiety and Restlessness your constant companion :P
Well.. m no different. Everyone did this once in their lifetime. Right?

This concept goes both ways. It's an ultimate incentive despite being a potential heartbreak.
A scene can be imagined where you are sailing across tremendous ocean of IIT level questions and being hit by waves of Half yearly deadlines. You tackle the situation whole day and finally find your bliss at "THAT HOUR" you both have fixed . And that bliss is usually nothing more than a phone call  and/or a messaging ping!


Now back to the ocean. You tackle that shit again and you are back at your base at THAT HOUR. But..he/she ain't there. You wait and wait.. and wait.. and keep waiting. But sad luck xD

Heartbreak </3. Isn't it?

Now dude, before u go crazy and hurl abuses towards their faith, sit back...chill down and think of possible reasons for "why this happened?".
Ikr...easier said than done xD *personal experience*
But u should know that the person on the other side of the phone call usually feels the same for you and is equally disheartened by that break. *I can't take guarantee of that usually though :p*

Well this is what's going on new with me and it only made me learn that never take someone for granted and feel that they are always online of shit xD.... and one more thing!
People do study for their mid terms, so if it happened during such time.. hen just take a chill pill bro xD she will be back  ;)

Anyway..gotta go dive back in my ocean of Physics.
Till then Study hard and best of luck for your exams :)

Signing off...
Uddeshya Singh

PS: Man U lost  ;-;

Sunday 21 August 2016

Why can't a word mean just one thing

Hello readers!

So.. this confused teen took some time out from his busy schedule (football +computers + PCM + novels. See, that busy!) to reach out to you guys.
A random weird thought crossed in my mind. Why can't a simple English word mean a simple thing?
I mean , for instance take this word, which is by far, most confusing word in my dictionary :

Okay, lemme make this clear that m no anti love nor a loner (ask who know me... you won't be disappointed ;) )
But still. even wikipedia says "love" is a word which has variety of meanings ranging from impersonal affection to strong attractions.

I want to ask why we just don't assign one word wit one universal meaning (and save the pain of the overthinking which we go through when our crush says love u :P)

As if this is not confusing enough, this splendid word achieves even weirder levels once it is uttered by a female (No offense, but saying by personal experience) You just can't judge whether they are saying it out of depth of their heart or just portraying a customary sister thingy affection.
trust me, that confusion drives any single person mad xD

Still, why isn't their any absolute meaning for these stuff?
Why are emotions always hard to express. Sometimes too hard that we just cannot express them by using any set of 26 alphabets and we have to use hugs or slaps?

Why emotions have to be like chemistry (which has more exceptions than generic patterns in ANY DAMN LAW!)

Yeah. It seems more like a question than a normal inspirational blog but still, I wish someone could answer this.
Why our mind just can't think straight and decide upon something and express the feelings in clear words without any undertones? Why it has to be that tough!?